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Title: Dataset of Ethics-Focused Design Methods Open Access Deposited
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  • Through a series of structured web searches between January to November 2020 to locate ethics-focused methods, we collected a list of 89 methods/ tools/ approaches to begin our collection. The searches began by considering the Value Sensitive Design (VSD) methods, which enabled us to characterize the nature and purpose of ethics-focused methods, leading to our web searches on Google, Google Scholar, and the ACM Digital Library. The following keywords were used for the search queries: "ethics focused methods," "ethical tools in design," "ethics methods," "HCI ethics and values methods," and other related combinations of these terms. We excluded items which indicated a methodology, theoretical commitment, or conceptual frame—resulting in 63 methods for further analysis. We then used a qualitative content analysis procedure to: 1) familiarize ourselves with the data set; 2) create and validate the coding scheme; and 3) perform open and axial coding
  • This dataset documents the outcomes of a research project where we identified, analyzed, and described a set of existing ethics-focused methods designed to support design research and practice for a range of audiences (such as technology and design researchers and practitioners, and educators). The final dataset includes 63 ethics-focused methods, describing the intended audience(s), format of guidance, interaction qualities, utilization of existing knowledge or concepts, implementation opportunities within design processes, and the "core" or "script" of the method.
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  • National Science Foundation (NSF)
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  • 2020-01 to 2020-10
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  • 10/19/2023
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Chivukula, S., Li, Z., Pivonka, A., Chen, J., Gray, C. Dataset of Ethics-Focused Design Methods [Data set]. Indiana University - DataCORE.


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