Use Downloaded Data

All data in the IU DataCORE repository are available to anyone for download without restriction. However, use of data downloaded from the IU DataCORE repository is subject to our terms of use. Use of the data is also governed by the Creative Common license attached to it. Be sure that you read through the information provided by Creative Commons to understand what you may and may not do with the data.

Content downloaded from IU DataCORE is provided "as is." Just as with published books or articles available through the library, the library only makes the content available — we have not done any editing. Although we run a virus check on deposit of the data, no check is 100% accurate or foolproof. We therefore cannot guarantee the accuracy, adequacy, quality, or completeness of content from IU DataCORE, or that downloads are free of viruses or other harmful components.

By using content from IU DataCORE, you agree that we have no liability for resulting damages and recognize that the statements and views of authors hosted are theirs alone.

Review our policy and terms of use for more details on the use of data sets.

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